I appreciate all the reports you send from Hebron. Jonathan Brenneman’s recent article, “A better than usual Friday,” [CPTnet, August 12, 2013] was especially moving. It is so easy to categorize all military personnel and all adversaries as brutal enemies, so hard to remind oneself that they are individuals, they vary, they are vulnerable human beings, too. Brenneman’s account revives faith that the latter is possible.
Last fall, taking the bus from Ramallah to East Jerusalem, I ran afoul of some very young soldiers at the major Ramallah checkpoint because my passport did not have an Israeli visa. They bumbled around, passing the problem from one to another, clearly unsure just what to do with me. It must be hard to carry out orders, especially if you may not fully understand or agree with them—and look tough while doing so. 
Keep up your courageous and important work, Christian Peacemaker Teams. Maybe someday I can join you.
– Elsa Marston Harik, Indiana, USA

Good work. Someone needs to protect the earth. I do believe the earth is fighting back. 
– Richard Brown, Maryland, USA

I am writing to you today to encourage you in God’s work. Continue to seek his Spirit in all things, and know that there are people praying all around the world.
May God’s peace and love follow you always, and hearts be open to receive His guidance. Thank you for all the work you do across the globe, partnering with other peacemakers. As you confront systems of violence and oppression may justice prevail. With the power of God, may you shine in all the dark places and bring hope.Keep safe.
– Amy Tong, Melbourne, Australia

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