ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Video shows Elsipogtog community undoing police harassment


25 July 2013
Video shows Elsipogtog community undoing police harassment

On 21 July 2013, members of the
Elsipogtog community who are trying to protect their traditional lands from
fracking discovered that SWN Resources Canada had an unknown amount of
unexploded ordinance behind a cemetery, located on Pleasant Ridge Road, Rogersville, New Brunswick.

 The cemetery, owned by the local
Catholic diocese, borders a seismic testing line known as “Line 5” that
Canadian police have been heavily guarding.  The video shows police trying to prevent Elsipogtog members
from parking in a lot located directly across the street from the cemetery
where a Catholic church had once stood. 
The police told protectors the lot was private property and the
landowner had not given permission for “protesters” to be on site,
where at least a dozen police and private security vehicles had parked.  Lorraine Claire of the Elsipogtog First
Nation had, however, obtained permission from caretakers of the property to
park there.  Watch how she and
other protectors of the land peacefully confront the police.  

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