MEDITERRANEAN: Writings on the wall


26 September 2014

MEDITERRANEAN: Writings on the wall

by Ramyar Hassani 

[Note: The following has been adapted from a piece originally appearing on Hassani’s Beacon page.]

In one of the events that I participated in on the Greek
island of Lesvos, I had the chance to see many writings migrants made to hang on the
walls of the welcome center in Pipka. A piece of paper on the wall may not be a detailed story but what I saw
delivered their pain. Here are some written by migrants from Afghanistan, Iran,
Syria, Sudan and other war-torn countries:

A handmade poster by a Syrian refugee

A writing by an Afghan refugee

An Iranian asylum seeker telling the story of why he had to leave Iran

Full translation of the previous writing in English

Another one by a refugee from Afghanistan


An Afghan refugee tells his story of how a taxi driver treated him


A Sudanese migrant explains why she left her home country 

Another victim of war says why he or she left home

By a migrant who was imprisoned without having his papers checked and how the police treated him.

A Syrian refugee simply says nothing he has left in Syria and everything has been destroyed but dreams remain.

All the photos taken by Ramyar Hassani © 2014


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