IRAQI KURDISTAN: $2500 raised for ninety Ezidi families near Dohuk


16 October 2014

IRAQI KURDISTAN: $2500 raised for ninety Ezidi families near Dohuk

Dear Friends and Supporters,

With your help, our Kurdish partner organizations Wadi and Alind raised over
$2500 to help ninety Ezidi* families living in unfinished houses near
Dohuk.  Wadi and Alind used your
money to purchase mattresses, blankets, and food for these families. 

Two weeks ago, a delegation representing seven countries traveled with CPT to
visit the ninety families.  We
talked with them, shared card gamesIMG_2388 and tea, and observed how their situation
has improved.  

But these families still need your help. 
The rainy season has begun and as it gets colder here, the families need
plastic sheeting to cover the unfinished sides of the houses.  They told us that when it rains, the
wind blows the cold rain into the houses, covering everything.

Please pass this message on to your friends, and ask them to donate through
this link to help the ninety Ezidi families.



*Their preferred name for themselves.  Most people in the region refer to them
as “Yazidi.”  

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There’s no commitment needed at this stage.

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