IRAQI KURDSTAN: Fruits of your support of 90 Yazidi families through CPT partners WADI and ALIND


29 12 2014
KURDSTAN: Fruits of your support of 90 Yazidi families through CPT
partners WADI and ALIND

the past months, we as CPT Iraqi Kurdistan team have ventured onto
unusual ground for CPT. We have amplified
call for financial donations

from our partner organizations WADI and ALIND for support of 90 Ezidi
(Yazidi) families who had fled ISIS brutality and found refuge in
unfinished houses near Duhok.

and CPT have a history of partnering together on various projects.
The dire magnitude of suffering and destruction brought about by
ISIS, especially on the Ezidi people, and the urgency of the needs of
the families for continued survival compelled our team to also take
on this uncommon action. As a result of
WADI and ALIND raised more than $3,500 USD which, in addition to
their own fundraising, was used to directly support the families.

the Iraqi Kurdistan team would like to thank all who so readily
responded to our call and also shared and amplified it farther. We
want to share information and photographs about the support that the
donations allowed WADI and ALIND to give. Please share the link to
this thank you letter with your friends and via social networks:

2014 12 22 photo  

WADI and ALIND aid displaced Ezidi
people who escaped ISIS violence.


and ALIND continue to seek funding through which they can continue to
accompany the community of the now 102 families through the harsh
winter months filled with rain and chilly winds. They have also taken
on the task of supporting women kidnapped and used as sex slaves by
ISIS who are now rejoining their families. They return deeply
traumatized and many of them are pregnant.

work continues. Thank you for being part of the global community of


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