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A listing of CPTers and where they served….

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity
CPTers serving the Aboriginal Justice team April-June 2015 were: Peter Haresnape (Cambridgeshire, England), Carrie Peters (Pennsylvania, USA), John Vallely (Atikameksheng First Nation), Chuck Wright (Manitoba, Canada).

Iraqi Kurdistan
CPTers serving the Iraq Kurdistan team April-June 2015 were: Lukasz Firla (Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic), Nicky Melling (Cumbria, England), Rosemarie Milazzo (New York, USA), Kathy Moorehead Thiessen (Manitoba, Canada), Hannah Redekop (Ontario, Canada), Milena Rincón (Colombia), Mohammed Salah (Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan), Harmeet Sooden (Auckland, New Zealand), Sandra Stevens (Iowa, USA), Alicja Zasadowska – intern (Poland). Delegation members 30 May – 12 June were: Jason Gerig, Mark Schimmelpfinnig, and Terra Winston (all of Illinois, USA) and Anna Grace Tribble (Georgia, USA).

Twelve CPTers (including one intern) from Brazil, Canada, England, Palestine, and the USA served the Palestine team April-June 2015. Twelve delegation members in May came from Brazil, Canada (British Colombia and Ontario), England, New Zealand, and five U.S. states (Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Dakota). Names withheld due to the State of Israel’s policy of denying entry to many peacemakers.

CPTers serving the Colombia team April-June 2015 were: Jhon Henry Camargo – intern (Colombia), Phil Hart & Julie Hart (Ohio, USA), Tracy Hughes (Arizona, USA), Chris Knestrick (Ohio, USA), Caldwell Manners (Meghalaya, India), Hannah Redekop (Ontario, Canada), Milena Rincón (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Stewart Vriesinga (Ontario, Canada). Delegation members were: 16-30 May: Ben Brazil (Indiana, USA), Adriana Cabrera (Boyacá, Colombia), Gwendolyn Brumbaugh and Jonathan Brumbaugh Keeney (both of Illinois, USA), Jonathan Stauffer (Indiana, USA); 30 May – 12 June: Marian DeCouto (Ontario, USA), Ellen Huffman, Chrissy Stonebraker-Martínez, Dave Stonebraker, and Keely Veach (all of Ohio, USA).

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