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A listing of CPTers and where they served….

Borderlands: CPT Delegates joined local partners filling water barrels in the Sonora Desert along the USA/Mexico border where migrants sometimes lose their way.  Finding water can mean the difference between life and death.  Participants in CPT’s 20 February – March 1 Borderlands Delegation were: Julie Brown (Iowa, USA), Kryss Chupp (Illinois, USA), Conrad Douglas (Iowa, USA), David Etherington (Florida, USA), Dan Goering (Maryland, USA), Kody Hersh (Pennsylvania, USA), Craig Hunter (Texas, USA), Jack and Linda Knox (Arizona, USA), Chelsea Risser (Indiana, USA), Muriel Schmid (Illinois, USA) and John Vallely (Atikameksheng First Nation).

Colombia: CPTers serving the Colombia team January-March 2015 were: Cassandra Bangay (Ontario, Canada), Jhon Henry Camargo – intern (Colombia), Nadine Hiemstra (Ontario, Canada), Caldwell Manners (Meghalaya, India), Hannah Redekop (Ontario, Canada), Milena Rincón (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Sarah Sommers (Ohio, USA), Stewart Vriesinga (Ontario, Canada). 

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity: CPTers serving the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity team January-March 2015 were: Peter Haresnape (Cambridgeshire, England), Carrie Peters (Pennsylvania, USA), John Vallely (Atikameksheng First Nation), Chuck Wright (Manitoba, Canada).  

Iraqi Kurdistan: CPTers serving the Iraq Kurdistan team January-March 2015 were: Lukasz Firla (Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic), Nicky Melling (Cumbria, England), Kathy Moorehead Thiessen (Manitoba, Canada), Milena Rincón (Colombia), Mohammed Salah (Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan), Sandra Stevens (Indiana, USA), Alicja Zasadowska – intern (Poland). 

Palestine: Fifteen CPTers (including two interns) from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, England, Palestine, and the USA served the Palestine team January-March 2015.  Names withheld due to the State of Israel’s policy of denying entry to many peacemakers.

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