Prayers for Peacemakers, 3 January 2017 Lesvos


Prayers for Peacemakers, 3 January 2017   Lesvos

Pray for refugees automatically rejected during the asylum process
because of where they came from, or because of their ethnicity.

Many countries that western nations categorize as “safe”
are really quite volatile, especially for specific ethnicities within those
countries. This includes many countries in Western Africa and the subcontinent
of Asia. The refugees from those locations often receive denials based on
racial profiling, because they are only “economic migrants” or their
countries fall into this “safe” category.  One man who has worked quite closely with the
Christian Peacemaker Team on Lesvos is currently in prison facing deportation
because of his ethnicity.

 Hesam Shaeri Hesari, one of the hunger strikers on Lesvos, scheduled for imminent deportation.
Image by Arash Hampay

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