[CPTnet] Prayers for Peacemakers 18 September 2018  Lesvos


Migrants who arrive on Lesvos 13 September. The boat landing was spotted by children on their way to kindergarten at Pikpa.
Migrants who arrived on Lesvos 13 September. The boat landing was spotted by children on their way to kindergarten in Pikpa.

Pray for the 500 migrants who arrived on Lesvos Island last weekend. There are now 17,000 migrants in the so-called “hotspots” on the Greek islands, which only have the capacity to have 6000 migrants all together.  The number of migrants forcibly detained on Lesvos is far more than 10,000 and that number is rapidly growing. 

The BBC recently called Moria Camp on Lesvos “the worst refugee camp in the world.” Those 500 people will be forced into undignified living conditions.  They will have to recycle material they find in the woods around the camp to build themselves shelters.  Because of the danger to public health and the environment, Moria Camp is facing the threat of closure by the Prefecture of the Northern Aegean if the sanitary conditions of the camp do not improve dramatically by three weeks from now. 

Pray for the medical workers on the Greek Islands who are forced to work under exhausting conditions. There are growing numbers of medical professionals who are resigning from their work on island sites due to these untenable working conditions. Pray for lawyers, interpreters, human rights workers, cooks, and independent actors who use all their skills and capacities as they try to provide dignified aid and help to migrants.

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