Prayers for Peacemakers, 28 November 2018, Indigenous Peoples Solidarity


Pray for the continued economic development of the Shoal Lake 40 community, now that Freedom Road is finally complete. Pray that Shoal Lake 40 gain access to clean water soon.

First vehicles were guided down Freedom Road to avoid the thin ice of freeze up..jpgPictured: The first night, when the first vehicles were guided down Freedom Road to avoid the thin ice caused by freeze-up. Photo credit: Cuyler Cotton.

The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Project, along with our partners and Friends of Shoal Lake 40, celebrates and gives thanks that the community can finally drive Freedom Road, the road that connects their lands to Trans-Canada highway. This road ends almost 100 years of isolation on a man-made island. With this new road, the community members will no longer risk their lives when crossing icy waters to access the mainland.

While we give thanks for Freedom Road, we pray that it will bring further economic development to the community. We also pray and take actions to push for the installation of a water treatment plant for Shoal Lake 40. Although Winnipeg drinks clean water from Shoal Lake, the community members don’t have treated water, and need to boil or purchase their drinkable water.

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