Prayers for Peacemakers , 31 January 2019 Lesvos


Video: rainwater flowing through the Olive Grove, near Moria camp.

Pray for the people confined to the Aegean islands during the winter months.

Showers are falling on migrants who live in tents and containers on Lesvos. Rapidly flowing streams are coursing down between their small tents in the olive grove. Migrants are left to fend for themselves. They have to be creative and use the garbage that they find in the surrounding area to winterise their shelters and protect themselves from the cold, the damp, and the rain.

The European Union’s cruelty and animosity towards migrants is so large scale that killing migrants by allowing them to die at sea, by confining them in overcrowded detention centres, by turning a blind eye to illegal pushbacks, and by deporting people has become normalized.

It has become EU policy to enslave, confine, exploit, abandon, divide, criminalise, and dehumanise people just because they are migrants.

The cruelties and atrocities carried out against migrants are so vast that the winterisation of Moria and the Olive Grove has become a minor detail in the EU’s war against migration.


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