Prayers for Peacemakers 9 June 2021 Palestine

Our prayers are for a free Palestine.
Dozens of young people are in the street that is filled with smoke and tear gas. One person on the left holds a very large Palestinian flag. There are white stone buildings on the right, and festive lights strung above the street. There is a white car on the left in the foreground.
Palestinians take to the streets to protest the Israeli occupation

This week, we are praying for Palestinians who have been shot and injured by Israeli soldiers and shout out in pain from live ammunition, teargas, and rubber bullets. We pray for the people of Gaza who were injured by Israeli bombs but are unable to get proper healthcare as a result of the ongoing Israeli blockade. We pray for those who are arbitrarily detained, beaten, and arrested by Israeli forces for speaking out against apartheid and ethnic cleansing. We pray for the Palestinians in ‘48 [within the 1948 borders of so-called Israel] who are treated as second-class citizens by the Israeli government.

Our prayers are for a free Palestine.

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an images of the Aegean Sea, deep blue shimmering against a blue sky, with a boat in the far distance

We demand a life of dignity for migrants!

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profile images of Kurdish political prisoners, Mohsen Mazloum, Pejman Fatehi, Wafa Azarbar, and Mohammad Hejir Faramarzi are superimposed on a background of barbed wire fencing.

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Iran has carried out several executions of political prisoners in the last few weeks in an act to suppress minority groups. In 2023 alone, at least 834 people were executed in Iran for their political beliefs.

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