Prayers for Peacemakers 16 June 2021 US/Mexico Borderlands

Pray that one day soon the border will re-open and people can again request asylum and no longer live in danger.
a painted mural of migrants in a line, the border wall is visible behind them, and beyond that a changing landscape from mountains to green fields. There are macaws and butterflies in the sky.
CAME mural

It is difficult to be optimistic about the still-closed US/Mexican border in Douglas, Arizona/Agua Prieta, Sonora.  Sure, the work of organizations and volunteers meeting the needs of migrants has been heroic.  But the plight of the migrants themselves—whether those returned to Mexico with blistered feet and inadequate clothing or those who have been waiting at the shelter for over a year to request asylum at the US Port of Entry—offers little to celebrate.

However, less than two weeks ago, that story changed for two women, each with a young son, from southern Mexico.  An immigration lawyer in Nogales, Sonora, heard about these women who have been in Agua Prieta since the beginning of 2020.  That person presented their case to US officials who granted the women entry into the US to request asylum before a US immigration court.  Each of the women and their sons now await their court dates with relatives in the US, one in California and one in Oklahoma.

  • Give thanks that these women have now completed another step in their journey.
  • Remember their courage and endurance each step of the way.
  • Pray for all the people who have helped them: aid workers, volunteers, the people at the migrant shelter, and the people who facilitated their entry into the US.  Give thanks for their compassion, resilience, and dedication.
  • Pray that one day soon the border will re-open and people can again request asylum and no longer live in danger.

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white crosses are propped up against the US/Mexico border wall, which has white handprints painted up each iron slat.

Joint vigil honours migrant deaths 

For the last few years, the ‘Healing our Borders Vigil’ has joined the traditional Mexican celebration of the ‘Day of the Dead’ to honour the lives of migrants who have died while trying to cross the border.

Graffiti on a wall in Lesvos that reads FREE PALESTINE

Criminalized at home and abroad

Drawing connections from Palestine to Greece, Palestinian migrant populations face criminalization at home under occupation and abroad under EU policies of hate and dehumanization.

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