Prayers for Peacemakers 13 October 2021 Turtle Island Solidarity Network

We pray for the sacred land of Oak Flat.
A digital image of a person with long hair blowing in the wind, looking towards the left. There are several different shapes and colours surrounding the image. Above the person's head is written "PROTECT OAK FLAT!" and on the bottom of the image is written "APACHE STRONGHOLD"

The Apache Stronghold has announced an International Day of Prayer on Thursday, 21 October to protect Oak Flat. On Friday, 22 October, their appeal will be heard in federal court.  If Apache Stronghold wins this case, it will protect the sacred land of Chichil Bildagoteel/Oak Flat from mining interests and serve as a step towards dismantling the legal precedent that marginalizes Indigenous land-based spirituality in the United States.

We pray for the sacred land of Oak Flat.
For the ancestor hawks who watch over us.
For the holy trees that keep their arms open for us.
For the soothing leaves that provide medicine for us.
For the glistening waters that preserve fresh life for us.
For the canyons that maintain centuries of healing prayers for us.
For Resolution Copper to stop its attack and instead show love and compassion.
We pray for the sacred land of Oak Flat.


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