Prayers for Peacemakers 27 October 2021 US/Mexico Borderlands

Mourn for the people who are still waiting to request asylum.
A large gate structure stands in the middle of the image, with a metal turnstile. The sign above the turnstile reads US Customs and Border Protection Raul Hector Castro Port of Entry Douglas, Arizona
Port of Entry in Douglas, Arizona

The United States closed its border with Mexico in March of 2020 ostensibly to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but in the process, denying entry to people seeking asylum and to Mexican residents who frequently travel to and from the US.

On Sunday, 7 November 2021, the US will reopen the Mexican border to fully vaccinated visitors.  For the first time in over 19 months, people in Mexico who have valid passports, US visas, and have been vaccinated can enter the US again.  People can again visit with family and friends, go shopping, and travel on vacations.  It is still unclear if unvaccinated children will be allowed to travel with their parents.

At this time, Customs agents are still turning away asylum seekers from US Ports of Entry, and Border Patrol is still expelling undocumented people who cross into the US.

  • Give thanks that vaccinated Mexican residents can again travel to the US.
  • Rejoice that friends and families on both sides of the border will be reunited.
  • Mourn for the people who are still waiting to request asylum.
  • Pray that the US will implement more humane border policies.

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