Prayers for Peacemakers 1 December 2021 Palestine

Let's pray for journalists across Palestine
Two people hold cameras while three soldiers surround them.
Journalists silenced in Hebron

On 30 October, the Jewish holiday called Sara’s Day, illegal Israeli settlers took an apartheid tour through the middle of Al-Khalil/Hebron, infringing on the Palestinians’ right to movement. During these events involving human rights violations, you’ll always notice folks like those pictured above in the area. These journalists and media personnel should be permitted to document the events, but Israeli soldiers routinely harass them and kick them out of the field without any justification, like they did on Sara’s Day.

Let’s pray for journalists across Palestine, those who are doing their best to bring the light where there is darkness, and the truth where there are lies. For the survival of the truth and for humanity, let’s pray for them.

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