Prayers for Peacemakers 29 December 2021 Colombia

Pray for the upcoming 2022 presidential and legislative elections in Colombia.
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On 26 October 2021, communities in the northeast of Antioquia met with a commission of social justice and accompaniment organizations and embassies to denounce serious human rights violations and the lack of safety guarantees to protect life. Multiple assassinations in the region and threats against leaders for denouncing violations of communities’ rights have generated a fear of participation in the elections of their Community Action Committees. But, on 28 November, the communities faced their fears with courage, going out to vote and electing their committee representatives, giving strength to their community processes. 

Let us pray for the upcoming 2022 presidential and legislative elections in Colombia. As part of the congressional elections, 16 new seats will be elected for the victims of the conflict. Let us pray that the violent forces do not silence the voices that struggle for peace with justice and, following the example of the elections in the northeast Antioquia region, that the Colombian people vote with hope and without fear.

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A stone is placed on the desert ground, engraved with the words "Unidentified male, found Dec 2, 2004.

Prayers for Peacemakers 19 January 2022

United States policies on migration are increasingly violent, focusing on border reinforcement and immigration reform, but fail to address migrant deaths. We acknowledge and remember those migrants who die alone in the desert and we pray for reconciliation on our borders.