Building our communities together

Pray for our CPT communities around the world as we meet virtually and physically to continue the work of liberation.
a street art mural of diverse faces, an olve-skinned person wearing glasses and a beard, a brown person wearing a purple hijab, a black person with dark curly hair and yellow headband, a white person wearing a traditional Jordanian headscarf, an Asian person with long dark wavy hear and wearing glasses.

We are a community of people from different places and cultures; we celebrate our diversities of gender, colour and language. We are not hindered by borders or distances but will continue to meet—virtually and in-person—to sustain the fight. Some of us may never meet physically, but we always know that we have each other, and that we are working for a common cause. We will resist the oppressions, the privileges, and the powers that all creatures of this world experience. It is important to know that in this struggle, you have people by your side, people from all corners of the world who have built a strong community and relationships that give each other nourishment and support. 

We pray that we will remain strong and continue to build deep human relationships with each other and our broader communities so that we can continue to fight and resist for a world without borders, privilege, and discrimination. For a world of equality and solidarity.

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an image of the horizon over the Aegean Sea, with text overlay that reads #FreePylos9

We stand in solidarity with the Pylos 9!

Greek courts continue to criminalize people on the move including the nine unjustly accused survivors of the horrible Adriana shipwreck in the Aegean Sea

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