Annual River Run demonstration to take Toronto streets

On Thursday, Grassy Narrows community members and allies will convene at Queen’s Park in Toronto to demand mercury justice
a digital image of a person with dark hair that turns blue, wearing two feathers in their hair. The text above the image reads GRASSY NARROWS RIVER RUN

This week members from Grassy Narrows will arrive in Toronto to lead River Run. Hundreds of people from Toronto will follow the community into the streets and demand the government clean the river, build a care home for those with mercury poisoning, provide compensation for everyone impacted by mercury poisoning, and withdraw forestry and mining claims that threaten the future health of the ecosystem. 

In the 1970s, a pulp and paper mill in Dryden, Ontario, dumped tons of mercury into the river that feeds Grassy Narrows. As a result, 90% of the community of Grassy Narrows live with mercury poisoning. For decades both the federal government and provincial government denied the mercury’s impact and poisoning on the community. Finally, in 2017 both governments admitted to the poisoning and promised to clean the river and build a care home for those suffering from the effects of mercury poisoning. However, progress on all accounts has been slow. 

We pray for justice for the community of Grassy Narrows. We pray for the safety of those taking to the streets to demand accountability. 

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migrants handprints in red and blue paint cover a white wall

Guarantee the human right to movement

Pray that migrants may safely make their journeys towards a better life and that governments will choose to guarantee the human right to movement.

Mail Alert

We want to inform our constituents about interruptions to both Canadian and US mail services.

As global capitalism continues to exploit, Canada is seeing an increase of folks sleeping on the street. In Toronto, there is a growing encampment on the church property where our office is located. CPT is in solidarity with residents of the encampment.  Unfortunately, some Canada Post workers have since refused to deliver mail to our office. We are unsure if the mail is being stored somewhere or will be returned to sender. To ensure your donations make it to CPT, now would be a good time to switch to online donations, if you are able.  

In the US, postal services have been increasingly unreliable. If you are able, we encourage you to consider a monthly online giving plan which you can easily set up.

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