Greek news covers up border violence with ‘idyllic Greek summer’ narrative

The Greek islands often conjure up visions of crystal clear waters and balconies overflowing with flowers, but violence against migrants continues despite the government’s attempt to cover it up.
Photo from a demonstration against border violence that took place in Mytilene, Lesvos on July 2, 2022. At the front, there is a banner with the slogan "Stop Pushbacks." The presence of the riot police forces appears to be very strong.
Photo from a demonstration against border violence that took place in Mytilene, Lesvos on July 2, 2022.

During the “tourist season” in Greece—the so-called “Greek summer”—the Greek mainstream media present a news picture that seems ideal. Everything seems to be going “smoothly” and “the living seems easy.”

Particularly at this time, we notice that any news related to refugees and migrants (shipwrecks, pushbacks, murders, and protests inside and outside the camps) is totally pushed aside, silenced, and hidden.

This strategy of the mainstream media to present a false, distorted picture of reality coincides with the intentions and serves the purposes of the Greek government and the European Union, who seek to conceal their violent border policies and practices and silence the voices of all people protesting.

But at the same time, the voices of people resisting are getting louder and louder.

We pray for those people who are raising their voices to make all these incidents of border violence visible. We pray for them to continue to fight against fear and oppression.

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migrants handprints in red and blue paint cover a white wall

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