Community of El Guayabo suffers from hunger after heavy rains

Last winter’s floods destroyed food crops for the community as well as pastures which resulted in the death of livestock. Now the hot summer has dried up the land and eliminated the possibility of planting.
In the foreground a person wearing a blue CPT vest and red CPT hat takes a photo of a pasture, where, in the background, several cows stand together, emaciated for lack of food.

We want you to share our PAIN, the pain we feel when we see the suffering and abandonment experienced by the community of El Guayabo. We want you to share our FEAR, the fear of seeing how the community of El Guayabo fights against hunger, in a battle that they may lose. We want you to share our HOPE, the hope that we witness when we see the community of El Guayabo lovingly resist violence and oppression. We want you to share our PRAYERS, the prayers we whisper on the roads, on the farms and in the houses of our friends in El Guayabo.

Over the last year and a half, the community of El Guayabo along with 3,000 families have been impacted by the strong winter rains that flooded their land, destroying their crops and their ability to grow the food that sustains their homes. The water also destroyed the grasses that the cows graze on, killing them, further affecting the people’s ability to support themselves. The summer has not been much better for the community, as it has been so hot that it has dried up the land, eliminating any possibility for the community to grow food.

The communities have protested, denounced, and marched to demand actions from the local government to alleviate the hunger they are suffering. Of all the actions that have been taken, none has received a response. Hunger continues and threatens to worsen with the start of a new winter surge that will again flood the lands of communities who are already suffering from hunger and the silence of a state that seems more like an accomplice with the winter than an ally of the small farmers.

Pray with the community of El Guayabo for a compassionate response from the government. Pray also that governments and international committees make sustainable plans to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis, especially with countries in the global south who are already experiencing a vast majority of the disasters and environmental changes caused by colonial countries.

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