A prayer for resilience 

A heartfelt prayer for a free Palestine
A hand reaches over to move a piece on an old wooden backgammon board.

Dear Lord,

I am writing to you during these challenging times faced by my fellow Palestinians in Palestine. Our homes, people, and animals have been subjected to destruction by Israeli settlers. The communities in Masafer Yatta live in constant fear, always prepared for the presence of settlers and soldiers. They live under the constant threat of their houses being demolished by the far-right government. I find it disheartening that justice and equality seem elusive for my people, including myself.

Despite these difficulties, my faith in you remains steadfast. I find hope in the new leaves that adorn the trees, and I cherish moments of happiness when I witness elderly people in the Old City of al Khalil/Hebron engaged in lively backgammon games. The achievements of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement continue to empower me, and the love I see through my mother’s eyes strengthens my resolve.

I trust that you are not disappointed in me for my lack of complete understanding. I believe in your ability to bring about justice and equality for all. I hold onto the hope that one day, I will be able to enjoy my basic rights, and my community will experience safety and happiness.

Words fail to fully express the depth of my emotions, but my prayers for the resilience of the resistance, the well-being of indigenous peoples, and the work of peacemakers will persist.

With enduring love,


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Why we celebrate pride

When we take to the streets to celebrate pride, we remember and create a place in society for those who still cannot do so due to fear.

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