Prayer-rising for Oak Flat

Save the date and start organizing to confront, through prayer, the forces of destruction facing Oak Flat
a vibrant green shrub grows amidst the rock

The sacred land of Oak Flat is being threatened with destruction by the Resolution Copper mine. From the beginning, Apache Stronghold has grounded their resistance to Resolution Copper in the strength of their spiritual relationship with the land. Oak Flat is sacred and the presence of the holy has been attended by the Apache since time immemorial. Their resistance to systems of racism, capitalism, ecocide, and colonialism are fueled by prayer and ritual.

Apache Stronghold asks people of all faiths and spiritualities to join them in this struggle. 

On 4 November 2023, Apache Stronghold will amplify these intercessions into a prayer-rising for the preservation of Oak Flat. Indigenous people will gather at Oak Flat to pray according to their ways.  People of all faiths will join Apache Stronghold through prayer to confront the forces of destruction brought by Resolution Copper. 

Will you come to pray with us at Oak Flat on 4 November?  Prepare yourself in prayer and plan your own transportation to this sacred site located an hour east of Phoenix, Arizona.  Watch for more information about logistics, how to prepare, and tips/guidelines for guests on Apache land.

For those that are unable to physically attend, Apache Stronghold also invites spiritually-grounded groups around the world to join the prayer-rising on 4 November from their own locations and to share their prayer actions via social media.  Organize your spiritual community to pray with Oak Flat on 4 November! Join the resistance. 

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