May the Newroz fire bring peace

This Kurdish New Year, we pray for peace, healing and justice for Palestine
A tall fire burns in the dark while people gather around for Newroz New Year celebrations

On 21 March, millions of Kurds celebrated the holiday of Newroz which means “new day” in the Kurdish language. Newroz is considered the most important festival in Kurdish culture.

This festival represents new beginnings, and it is also an opportunity to support the Kurdish cause. Traditionally, many Kurdish people light fires on 20 March, or Newroz eve, symbolizing the passing of the dark and cold season and welcoming spring and a new beginning for the new year. 

This Newroz of 2723 (the Kurdish New Year), we pray for our sisters and brothers in Palestine who are stuck in the darkness of war, injustice, invasion, displacement, and hunger. May the fire of Newroz bring peace, healing, and justice to those suffering from the devil of war.

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