Turning faith into action for peace

CPT builds partnerships to transform violence and oppression.

Inclusive, multi-faith, spiritually guided peacemaking. We approach injustice from a spirit of faith and compassion.

CPT accompanies and supports our partners in their local peacemaking work in situations of violent oppression.

Committed to undoing the structures of oppression that feed violence, both in society and within our organization.

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Train with CPT: Join CPT'S Peacemaker Corps

19 February 2019
Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is currently accepting applications for its Peacemaker Corps. Join us in building partnerships to transform violence and oppression! APPLICATION DEADLINE is 15 March 2019. Please direct any questions and send complete application to personnel@cpt.org.

Important Announcement: Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Program to close

14 February 2019
It is with great sadness that Christian Peacemaker Teams announces the closure of our full-time Indigenous Peoples Solidarity program working in Treaty 1 and Treaty 3 territories of Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. This decision was made as part of a budget plan that ensures CPT is able to remain financially stable in a difficult funding climate. CPT considered every option with great care before concluding that the closure of a program was necessary to create a balanced budget. The decision comes alongside other budget reductions that ensure the financial health of CPT. 

IRAQI KURDISTAN: “We are not terrorists, not ISIS; we are sons of this town; we are with you!”

12 February 2019
On the 23 January 2019, the Turkish military killed six people in a cross-border bombing near the Kurdish town of Deraluk.  Across Iraqi Kurdistan, many shared in the devastation of the families who lost loved ones, and the attack sparked outrage against the Turkish military presence in nearby Shiladze.

A threat to the Occupation: CPT Reservist denied entry to Israel/Palestine

4 February 2019
On January 31, 2019, I was denied entry into Israel, which adds my name to a long list of human rights advocates who also did not pass the political litmus test required for entry. After hours of interrogation, I was told that my work to “free the people of Palestine is a threat to the State of Israel.”
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Accompanying small farming and mining communities caught in the crossfire of decades of war and, more recently, hyper-development. Partnering with local human rights organizations. Highlighting the effects of a conflict that has permeated urban social structures through organized crime, trafficking, and displacement from rural areas.

Iraqi Kurdistan


Partnering with mountain village and shepherd communities that peacefully resist displacement and destruction caused by cross-border military operations. Accompanying human rights defenders and civil initiatives standing against oppression. Documenting impacts of violence on civilians and advocating locally and internationally for change.



Supporting Palestinian-led, nonviolent, grassroots resistance to the Israeli occupation and the unjust structures that uphold it. Documenting human rights violations in occupied Palestine. Partnering with local Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers and educating the international community to help create a space for justice and peace.

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity


Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Working in Turtle Island (North America), primarily Southern Manitoba and Northern Ontario, Canada as an ally to Indigenous rights groups. Accompanying and supporting land defenders. Standing in solidarity with and advocating for Indigenous communities as they work toward healing, resisting colonialism, and struggling for sovereignty. Engaging faith communities and settlers in solidarity work.

CPT Europe: Lesvos


A CPT Europe Regional Program. Partnering with local and international organizations committed to solidarity with refugees who are nonviolently defending their human rights. Reporting on the inhumane living situations in the military-run refugee camp Moria. Accompany refugees in nonviolent protests against unfair treatment. Monitoring vessels on the Aegean Sea, and welcoming refugees as they newly arrive on Lesvos after the perilous crossing.