Ahmad Abu Munshar

Two people are visible behind a large metal gate.

Do you understand me now?

CPT has observed the increased use of collective punishment by the Israeli military in Hebron/Al Khalil.

an image taken from the street, there are steel barricades across the image, and a person is sitting on the ground beside another who is in a chair, with their back to a small portable. There is a structure behind them with several windows.

Animal Cage

“I’ve heard that one before; these psychological games do not work with us anymore.”

Soldier carry tear gas shells shouts in the direction of children

Their Power

Palestinians draw from a variety of resistance techniques, including filming the soldiers while they are killing and shooting Palestinians, but is it enough to deter the Israeli occupation?

A child stands with their back to the camera, wearing a blue tshirt, jeans, and a blue backpack. Standing in front of the child are a crowd of soldiers.

My little bag

I started thinking about what children might experience and feel on their way to school.

Two children pose for a photo wearing hats

A Trip To The Old City

Ramadan encourages people to visit the old city with their children to bring life back to the streets.

Graphic of a boy wearing a military helemt holding a sign that reads:Children Not Soldiers

Soldiers are not a Role Model for Kids

If they want to change the future, they should start now by changing the present. Teach children how to love others and stop the cycle of ideology that they inherited from their parents and the generations before.

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