Ahmad Abu Monshar

several birds sit on a electrical power line, silhouetted by a bright sun in a cloudless sky.

Resilience in a Silent Sky

We’ll dance to bird songs and paint dreams in Gaza’s sands, we’ll celebrate the olive harvest, and savour the fruits our land bestows.

A person wearing a red CPT vest walks along a road with the apartheid wall to their right, covered in graffiti and towering over them.

Dear White Supremacist

CPT Palestine team members engaged in a friendly and introductory conversation with a white person, but it took an unexpected turn.

A person wearing a red CPT vest stands facing a wall, replicating the stance of Handala, a symbol for Palestinian resistance

When a symbol comes alive

Does life imitate art, or is art imitating life? The Handala cartoon, a symbol for Palestinian resistance comes alive on the streets of Palestine.

Two people are visible behind a large metal gate.

Do you understand me now?

CPT has observed the increased use of collective punishment by the Israeli military in Hebron/Al Khalil.

an image taken from the street, there are steel barricades across the image, and a person is sitting on the ground beside another who is in a chair, with their back to a small portable. There is a structure behind them with several windows.

Animal Cage

“I’ve heard that one before; these psychological games do not work with us anymore.”

Soldier carry tear gas shells shouts in the direction of children

Their Power

Palestinians draw from a variety of resistance techniques, including filming the soldiers while they are killing and shooting Palestinians, but is it enough to deter the Israeli occupation?

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