Ameera Al-Rajabi

an image of a concrete barrier that stands alone at the told of a hill overlooking sandy hills and a gloomy sky. The text overlay reads "Beyond Statistics: Gaza's Human Stories"

Beyond Statistics: Gaza’s Human Stories

The horrors of violence reached my family this week, when my brother received a phone call to inform him that Israeli soldiers had killed his best friend. This murder is part of the aftershock throughout the West Bank as a result of Israel’s war on Gaza.

A child holds a soccer ball under their arm, looking away from the camera, toward an empty street. An image of the Palestinian flag is overlayed in the middle of the image

What if the World Cup were in Palestine?

The World Cup prides itself in bringing the global community together, but what would that look like in Palestine, where the world has allowed impunity to go unchecked?

Ameera stands with Laila in Hebron's Old City, interviewing her about talking to soldiers

Talking to soldiers 

Hebron shopkeeper Laila asks Israeli occupation soldiers to think about why they are serving and what they are accomplishing

A soldier stands looking left, in front of them stands a young girl, visible from the shoulders up, behind a large boulder. In the background another soldier stands in front of a row of closed shops.

Destined to die

When death becomes a desire for children, the situation in which they live is certainly too difficult for anyone to bear.

A person stands next to a vegetable stall, leaning against a pole that holds the tent up. In the background is a military vehicle with a red star of David sticker on the side.

Settlers only!

Just because you’re Palestinian, you are prohibited from exercising your legitimate right to walk down the street regardless of your age, or the reason you’re passing the checkpoint, crossing the street, or even whether you were walking by foot or in a car.

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