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An invitation to dialogue in discomfort

Being a peacemaker and unequivocally advocating for nonviolence while recognising one’s privilege is not as straightforward or dogmatic.

Demilitarize the Skies

CPT calls for demilitarization as the world’s militaries are one of the largest polluters, negatively affecting the air quality in regions where CPT works

Seven people stand at the front of the Community of Christ temple after receiving the International Peace Award for CPT

CPT receives International Peace Award

“The peace award gives us courage and encourages us literally to continue our journey of the work of peace and justice, which can never be done in isolation. Your community and our community will continue the walk together.”

2022 in pictures

2022 has proven that the adjustments and new learnings during the pandemic have been viable to continue the work for nonviolent solidarity accompaniment. 

A woman in a blue vest in conversation with a man in a white tshirt expressing himself

When paths merge: Adriana’s story

You may have heard Adriana’s name before, and that’s because Adriana is not new to CPT— she has served in several capacities with CPT over

cpter in red jacket facing away from the camera in a dried yellow agricultural field

Red hats to red jackets

Years ago, CPT accompanied the family and home of a Palestine team member who today accompanies members of his community living under occupation.

people at a protest holding sheets of paper with signs

Sherwan Taha – A Civil Rights Activist

We’d like to introduce you to Sherwan Taha – a Civil Rights activist, university lecturer, Badinan prisoner and partner of CPT.   On 5 September 2020,

Meet Allegra

We would like to introduce you to Allegra Friesen Epp, as part of our #GrowingCommunity series. Allegra trained with CPT in Amman, Jordan in June

decolonize. demilitarize. reimagine.

Join us in reimagining a peaceful tomorrow this #GivingTuesday. Submit your artwork .

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