CPT International

Two people stand to the left with their backs to the camera, wearing blue vests and red hats. In the background, one person stands facing the camera holding a microphone and the other stands holding one side of a banner that reads "Cuide su salud, consuma alimentos sanos, no consuma chatarra"

CPT celebrates May Day by implementing living wage

There is no monetary amount that could represent the quality of this work. So while we do not compensate for the value of labour, we want to compensate so that CPTers can live a healthy life.

Detaining Migrants – Who Benefits?

According to the Washington Post (2/2/07), the number of immigrants held in detention by Homeland Security’s ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has surged 30% since

Goodbye Border; Hello Borderlands

by John Heid “The actual physical borderland…is the Texas – U.S. Southwest / Mexican border.  The psychological borderlands, the sexual borderlands and the spiritual borderlands

Borderlands: Proposals for Humane Immigration Reform

CPT’s Borderlands Witness team offered the following reflections to help inform the current immigration debate. OBSERVATIONS: •    Current policy has failed.  It has not stemmed

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