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Seven people stand at the front of the Community of Christ temple after receiving the International Peace Award for CPT
CPT members who received the International Peace Award on behalf of the organization stand with members of the Church of the Bretheren who attended the service in support of CPT.

Testimonies from Northern Puerto Wilches

CPT Colombia is amplifying the voices of the residents of Northern Puerto Wilches, who are experiencing state silencing and neglect in the face of a humanitarian crisis. The United Nations Special Rapporteurs are currently receiving formal communications and requests, so help us share these testimonies and demand justice for small farming communities in Colombia!

Oak Flat just might save us

Through the Doctrine of Discovery, and all of its many subsequent legal and economic structures, Christianity justified enslavement and dispossession.  Christianity continues to be complicit in that legacy and ongoing oppressions and theft.  We have strayed very far from following the Indigenous Palestinian of Jewish faith who told us to consider the birds of the air.  My faith needs saving.

Carol Rose stands in a church laying her hands on a document, while other clergypeople stand behind her, some have outstretched hands.

Palestinian Lives Matter: they are not numbers

Death is not new to Palestinians, but by no means do they embrace it. Palestinians hold life dear and continue in steadfast resistance for freedom.

and image of a young child laying his head on the seat of a chair. The text overlay reads "Palestinian Lives Matter: they are not numbers"

The ‘Deadly End’ of migrant management

A report released by CPT-Aegean Migrant Solidarity documents the deaths of migrants in Moria’s Reception and Identification Centre between 2016 and 2020 in Lesvos, Greece.

Lost in translation: two stories of detention

What happens when a Palestinian and non-Palestinian get detained on the streets of al-Khalil?

A collage of three images of a IDF detention

#SearchTheLandfill: Indigenous Women are Not Disposable

For months, families of Indigenous women murdered in Winnipeg have been calling for a search to recover their bodies and give them a proper burial. 

a stone monument stands, with several layers of stones laid at the base of the statue. A sign placed between the stones reads "Justice for all our sisters" #MMIWG2S+
A memorial statue stands in Winnipeg, Canada to honour the memory of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls, Two Spirit and Queer community members.

Civilian Casualties of Turkish Bombardments in Northern Iraq in 2022

Report released by CPT and End Cross Border Bombing Coalition Partners finds 2022 the deadliest year since 2015 for civilians in Northern Iraq under Turkish military bombardments.

two screen shots of people fleeing on foot and in the back of a truck
Stills from provided video from Parakhe village shortly after the Turkish bombardment on 20 July 2022

Up to 600 people drown off Pylos, Greece only days after EU leaders agreed to further erode the right to asylum

Today on World Refugee Day, we join 180 human rights organizations to demand full and independent investigations into the events, clear consequences for those responsible, an end to the systematic pushback practices at the European borders, and justice for the victims.

CPT receives international peace award

Honoring CPT’s 35 years of peacemaking, CPT was awarded the International Peace Award by the Community of Christ Church and the Shaw Family Foundation on April 22 during the Church’s international conference. 

March 20…20 years ago

Remembering the United States invasion of Iraq 20 years on. What destruction lay now in its wake?

Peggy Gish sits with over a dozen other peace activists holding a banner across a road on the border of Iraq and Kuwait, the banner reads "Take a Risk, Sit Down for Peace"

Dear White Supremacist

CPT Palestine team members engaged in a friendly and introductory conversation with a white person, but it took an unexpected turn.

A person wearing a red CPT vest walks along a road with the apartheid wall to their right, covered in graffiti and towering over them.

Protestors in Penjwen secure fuel and electricity needs

Known as the food basket of Iraqi Kurdistan, Penjwen is now also a symbol of nonviolent action. Citizens organized and successfully demanded the Kurdistan Regional Government provide families with enough kerosene and electricity in order to survive this winter’s cold.

Protestors gather around a steaming pot of food during protests in Penjwen, Iraqi Kurdistan

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