CPT Aegean Migrant Solidarity

The Aegean Sea at sunset is visible through an ancient archway.

Justice for all!

The Greek courts continue to criminalize people on the move. Pray for the release of three asylum seekers going to trial this week.

A photo of the migrant cemetery, cared for by families friends of those who lost their lives at sea.

Unidentified bodies

We pray for all those who are lost, and for all those who are preparing to begin their journey to a better future

migrants handprints in red and blue paint cover a white wall

Guarantee the human right to movement

Pray that migrants may safely make their journeys towards a better life and that governments will choose to guarantee the human right to movement.

Black metal gates open into the Mytilene courthouse, a two story building with tall windows.

When E. came to Lesvos

Even after years on the Greek Islands, migrants are still at risk of state violence and criminalization.

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