CPT Palestine

Two people wearing CPT vests walk beside each other as they descend a rocky hill. One wears a backpack, and the other has the CPT logo of a dove on barbed wire clearly visible on the back of the vest.

An ode to CPT ethos

Visiting teams not only allows you to engage with the political realities of the contexts in which CPT works, but also to participate in and experience the spirit of team work

Our humanity is integral

How can we think about one problem and forget the other, or how can our humanity include one thing and exclude the other?

Israeli settlers wait at the gate to enter into Palestinian neighbourhoods on Sara's day.

Sara’s Day

Jewish holidays in Al Khalil/Hebron have become synonymous with abuse at the hands of settlers and soldiers.

Two people sit on a bench, one wears a white baseball cap and jacket, and a black hijab. The other wears a red CPT cap and vest, and sunglasses.

A playground for liberation

The Tamimi family in Al Khalil/Hebron is building a playground and garden for their community, holding tightly to the conviction that their children or grandchildren will see liberation.

Soldiers lead children towards a military base, while a person wearing a camera looks on.

Rights of the Child denied

The Israeli occupation of Palestine denies children the right to education, privacy, mental and physical health—a gross violation of international law.

A person wearing a CPT vest stands on the left of the image, to her right stand two other people, one wearing a hijab and the other is a child with braids. They all look towards a doorway, where there is a person standing in a long white robe.

“If you want peace, work for justice”

Cameras are a threat to the Israeli occupation forces, and those who document human rights abuses are often attacked by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Pray for witnesses of injustice who uncover the truth.

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