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Voices of H2: Part 4

“The overall atmosphere is one of fear and terror as armed settlers routinely break into homes, shoot at Palestinians, damage vehicles, and assault farmers.”

Voices of H2: Part 3

Since the 7th of October, Palestinian families in al Khalil, especially in H2 have been living through extra hell due to checkpoint closures, humiliation at

Voices from H2: Part 2

“The soldiers here are extremely aggressive and cruel,” narrates a citizen of the H2 area of Al-Khalil/Hebron

Voices from H2: Part 1

Stories of affected families in the H2 area of al-Khalil/Hebron during Israel’s war on Gaza that began on October 7, 2023.

A banner advertising the Palestinian Airlines with an image of a airplane.

Dare to Dream: The Unyielding Spirit of Palestine

“I dream of a time when a Palestinian airline proudly welcomes passengers to Palestine. I dream of Palestinian refugees scattered across the globe returning to their homeland, uniting under the shared sky of a unified nation.”

CPT members stand at the entrance to the Emad Herbawi yogurt factory that was targeted by the Israeli forces in Hebron

Israeli occupation crackdowns in the West Bank

After the Hamas incursion on 7 October, Israeli forces have shuttered the West Bank cities under strict curfew, and carried out indiscrimiate attacks like that against the Herbawi yogurt factory in Hebron’s old city.

the profile of a child's face in shadow with rays of sun visible over their head. Another child is silhouetted in the background

Pray for Palestine

Gaza is suffering relentless violence from Israeli bombardments this week. Let us pray for recognition of our shared humanity and unite in calls for liberation

several yellow taxis are parked outside of the apartheid wall and checkpoint in Bethlehem

Conflicted feelings in Palestine

CPT hosted a delegation of visitors from the United States, who are now waiting in Jerusalem for safe passage home.

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