Friday Bulletin

Do you see us now?

The Israeli military withdrew from the al-Shifa hospital complex after a two-week raid. Eye-witnesses tell of a hellscape.

Murdered by the empire

Today is Good Friday, the day in Western Christian traditions that commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross. This day is most widely understood as a personal sacrifice that Jesus took on to atone for the sins of the world.

Fasting while Palestinians starve

May we demand a world where everyone has the right to break their fast in peace, surrounded by loved ones, and nourishing food.

This photograph was taken in March 2012, in the aftermath of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip in March 2012.

It’s not about the underwear

In the midst of the rubble, Israeli soldiers loot through Palestinian homes and take pictures with women’s underwear to plaster across social media. As if the death and destruction were not enough, the fetishization and humiliation of women continue posthumously.

People gather at a memorial for Aaron Bushnell. Flickr/ Elvert Barnes

Rest in power Aaron Bushnell

On Sunday, Aaron walked toward the Israeli embassy while livestreaming himself, speaking firmly and with conviction

We exist together

International law is fraying at the seams. Or more like a paper bag trying to hold water, slowly disintegrating.

I hope

I keep coming back to it when I get overwhelmed with the massacres, the political apathy, the preparations of a buffer zone in Egypt, the fact that there are zero fully functioning hospitals in Gaza, the idea of the destruction Gazans will return to when the bombing stops.

Breathe justice into being

So today I pray with each stitch of my embroidery, each note of my choral score. My prayer flows through each new Arabic word I learn and into the political analysis I consume and the witness I bear. 

May this be the beginning of the end

The court has ruled with unequivocal evidence that Israel is plausibly committing genocide and that Israel must stop the killing and incitement and increase aid.

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