COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: Las Pavas community facing threats as it returns to land; sign petition and share with your networks

24 March 2011
COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: Las Pavas community returning to its land; sign petition and share with your networks

Dear friends of justice,

The time has come to act in support of the displaced Colombian community of Las Pavas.

After almost two years of displacement, the community has decided to take the courageous step of returning to their land within the next week.  They are asking for your support during this risky time.

Please click here to sign a petition showing your solidarity with the community of Las Pavas.   

 In July of 2009, the Colombian National Police and a police riot squad forcibly evicted 123 families of Las Pavas—in the township of Buenos Aires, El Peñón municipal jurisdiction, Bolivar department—from their land.  The land has since been illegally used by the Daabon Group as a palm oil plantation, thus denying community members access to their farms, their major source of food. 

Though they are exercising their legal right to retake their land, community members are risking serious violence against them from the Colombian authorities and illegal armed groups.  Sign the petition to

  • demand that the law enforcement refrain from excessive force during their return,
  • support the judicial process of transferring ownership to the community,
  • investigate harassment by ten armed men—one a known paramilitary—of a community leader

Your support could help secure a safe and just return for the families of Las Pavas.  Please click here to sign the petition.  Please share this petition within your networks as well. 

 Let's stand together with the people of Las Pavas!

 In peace and solidarity, 

Christian Peacemaker Teams, Colombia