Delegations to US/Mexico Borderlands

October 9 -18, 2024

During these times of increasing tension on the US/Mexican border and inaccurate or misleading information about what is happening, one way to understand what is really happening is to come and see in person.  On this delegation, participants will visit with people on both sides of the border who are concerned about border issues.  Possible learning experiences might include visiting a migrant shelter and eating with migrants, talking with Border Patrol officers, visiting Café Justo – a farmer-owned coffee collective, going with people from CRREDA – a drug and alcohol rehab facility – to put water in the Mexican desert for migrants, riding along the border wall, participating in a weekly vigil to remember people who have died in the desert, praying at the border wall, and eating a meal with the women of a gardening and sewing coop.

Witness the impact of immigration enforcement in the US/Mexico borderlands where foreign policy masquerades as domestic, and where life and death decisions are imposed upon our neighbors, relatives and friends, placing them in vulnerable and volatile situations. Journey with us through this zone of conflict, the gauntlet of the Sonoran desert, part of the lethal continuum that our neighbors from Latin America travel to reach the fields, factories and detention centers of the US. Come to observe, query, discern, contribute, learn and then take home the story of human struggle and hope.

Language: English

Cost: USD 1200.

The delegation begins and ends in Tucson, AZ.

Delegates are expected to cover the costs of the delegation. The delegation contribution covers all in-country travel, simple accommodations, two to three daily meals, honorariums, and other delegation costs. It does not include travel to the delegation, health insurance, or visa fees – if applicable.

Visa Requirement: Before applying for the delegation, please check if you need a visa or a preapproved electronic travel authorization. You can find general information regarding visa requirements here, but make sure to confirm the length of time required to apply for a visa and all requirements with the concerned embassy or consulate in your country, or the government’s website.

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