CHIAPAS UPDATE: November 11-December 10, 2001



December 20, 2001

CHIAPAS UPDATE: November 11-December 10, 2001

November 11

Chenalho County

The team visited the municipalities of Yashgemel and

Puebla, in preparation for an upcoming delegation.

People in
Puebla were dealing with rumours of a potential

Zapatista attack
on their community on October 29 or 30, and the

accusation of
witchcraft against one of their pastors. (See

release, “Sorcery and Politics.”)

November 12


The team stopped in the Autonomous Community of Polho

set up a visit for the delegation. They were not able

to set up a
visit at the Majomut military base. In the evening the

team had a
meeting with the Mesa (the governing bodyof the

Abejas) in
Acteal, regarding the creation of a non-violent

team and the upcoming delegation.

November 13


Team members arrived in Tzajalchen, and had a rugged

hike to
the milpa (cornfield) of an Abejas member. In the

evening, the
team met with two Abejas regarding the idea of setting

up a
non-violent response team, which community members

was a good idea

November 14


The team traveled from Tzajalchen to Nuevo Yibiljoj,

in at Majomut to visit the military there to get an

regarding the request for a delegation visit.

Although the
military assured the team that the base was solely a

social labour camp (which the Mexican military says

social services to the local residents) residents know

that this is
the primary military base of the municipality, with a

number of troops and vehicles.

November 15


The team traveled to X’oyep, and on the way stopped in

at the
base in Majomut. They again received no response

the request for a meeting with the delegation. In

X’oyep, the
team visited with an original community member (i.e.,

who lived there before there was a refugee camp) , who

has had
close connections with the team. While helping to

clean yucca,
the team discussed preparations for the delegation and

the idea
of the non-violent response team.

November 18-19

San Cristobal de las Casas (SCLC)

The team worked on last minute plans for the SCLC

of the delegation, along with the orgnaization

Initiatives. On the 19th, in the afternoon, the team

was visited
by John Worrell and Linda Ammons, who have

worked in Palestine and and were part of a CPT Hebron

delegation several years ago.

November 20

 San Cristobal (SCLC)

Angie Freeman and Cliff Kindy had a visit from Alicia

(SERPAJ), who shared that six people who had been

instrumental in perpetrating the Acteal massacre,were

from prison on November 17. Four of the six returned

to the
village of Los Chorros.

November 21

San Cristobal/Los Chorros

Kindy, along with John Worrell and Linda Ammons, left

for Los Chorros to check on the current situation, and

if the delegation should shift plans to go there. From

the visit,
they learned that the ex-prisoners were afraid to

leave their
houses, and that the whole community was scared.

November 22


The team and delegation attended the monthly memorial

in Acteal. The team had a positive meeting with Mesa

who encouraged the team to visit other non-violent

groups in
other parts of Chiapas.

November 23


The team and delegation had a meeting with coffee

Maya Vinic, where they heard about the the problem of

coffee prices and plans of the cooperative. On the

way to Polho,
they stopped in at the Majomut Military Base for an

visit and conversation. The military did not want to

meet with
the group but acknowledged the earlier attempts to set

up a

November 24


The delegation heard from a community member in Polho

the history and philosophy of the autonomous community

the team accompanied delegation members to Puebla and

Yashgemel. The delegation started planning an action

would involve buying coffee at a fair price and taking

it to
Nestle to be sold.

November 25


Kindy, along with delegation member Randy Meyer,

overland to Los Chorros to talk about the possible

action and
potential for a visit with the ex-prisoners, making

sure to talk
with both Abejas groups there. The delegation and

team learned
of the economic hardship and food shortage the

communities are facing.

November 27

Los Chorros

The team and delegation work through details of the

By night, the first of the coffee started coming for

the action and
prayer (See December 3 release, “Paying the Price of


November 28


The team, delegation, and coffee made their way back

to SCLC.
Freeman and Kindy had an evaluatory check-in, and made

decision to start the process of closing the project

in Chiapas
(See December 10 release, “A light on the future and

invitation to pray.”)

November 29


The team began preparations to close the CPT Chiapas

as the delegation prepared for the action at Nestle.

November 30

 Chiapa de Corzo/SCLC

The team, delegation and coffee traveled to the Chiapa

de Corzo
(near Tuxtla) to request that Nestle buy coffee at a

fair price.
(See December 7 release, “From Los Chorros to

Nestle.”) The
delegation left to return to their home countires.

The action was
not covered by television because ex-Beatle George

death dominated the news.

December 1-2


The team started visits to NGOs and partners to let

them know
of the decision to close, and were met with

understanding and
support. The Nestle action was covered in ‘Expreso


December 3


The team traveled to Acteal to meet with the Mesa

regarding the
project closing. The Mesa was conducting elections

when the
team arrived.

December 4

 Los Chorros

The team shared stories and pictures from the Nestle

action with
both groups of the Abejas. Plans to meet with the

prisoners fell through.

December 6


The team accompanied MCC country representative, Sara

and four others people to Acteal for the day. The

team received
a letter of introduction from the Abejas for upcoming

with other non-violent groups in Chiapas.

December 7


Team traveled first to Bachajon (near Ocosingo) to

meet with
members of Jyomblej, an indigenous, non-violent group

made connections for future visits.

December 8


Team found the office of the Xi’nich (The Ants),

non-violent group, and learned of another, the ORCAO

Ocosingo, which they also visited.

December 9-10


Freeman and Kindy work on the final steps of closing

the project
for an interim period of three months


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