COLOMBIA: The SOA and the War on Terrorism. A letter from Scott Kerr



December 22, 2001

COLOMBIA: The SOA and the War on Terrorism. A

letter from Scott Kerr

[Note: Scott Kerr was arrested for trespassing at Fort

Benning in November, along with hundreds of other

people who were protesting the U.S. Army’s training of

Latin American officers there, before he returned to


Dear friends and family,

This is from a note I wrote to those who are facing

trial for

the School of the Americas (SOA) action this November.

In the paper in Colombia we are reading of the

possibility that Colombia will be the next theatre for


war on terrorism. I encourage all of you to be


and call your reps and senators now before the


machine gets rolling.

Fifteen minutes outside of Barrancabermeja there is a

paramilitary (AUC) checkpoint on the arm of the

Magdelena River. This week, a motorist that CPT has


has been kidnapped and is presumed dead, and three

indigenous people from Ecuador have also been killed.


AUC checkpoint is ten minutes from a [Colombian] Navy

checkpoint and can be seen by one of their towers. I


been stopped at both of these checkpoints before, and


Navy commander there is well aware of the paramilitary


The links between paramilitary forces are not debated


this city, the lines are very clear.

Be encouraged that we are not fighting for pie in the


idealism. When we struggle to close the SOA we are

protecting farmers all over Colombia.

The impunity continues in Barranca. Thank God some are

in resistance in the States. The human rights


here was very energized by the SOA actions and sends


in peace for justice,



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