IRAQ UPDATE: 7:00 pm/ 11:00 am (EST)



March 20, 2003

IRAQ UPDATE: 7:00 pm/ 11:00 am (EST)

By Doug Pritchard

Scott Kerr phoned at 11 am EST (7 pm their time) to say that the subgroup of

Cliff Kindy, Peggy Gish and Betty Scholten along with four Iraq Peace Team

members has established itself on the grounds of the water treatment plant.

They have had a meeting with the Director of the adjacent Paediatric

Hospital who was very glad for their presence. They have also met with

workers at the water plant and their families, several of whom live in

housing on the site. The group has also done a first prayerful walk around

the perimeter of the facility. They have set up a watch schedule to have two

people on duty every three hours around the clock, awake and walking around

the neighbourhood.

Earlier the team had been asking people to erect tents and banners at

similar facilities in their own communities–hospitals, water treatment

plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants, bridges etc. That seems even

more timely now.


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