COLOMBIA: Action Alert: Support Demilitarization in Colombia


19 August 2010
COLOMBIA: Action Alert: Support Demilitarization in Colombia

the weapons so that women and the people may speak in defense of life and

Between the 16th and 23rd
of August, thousands of women and men, members of social, political, and
popular movements in Latin America and around the world are in Colombia for the
Women and People’s International Summit of the Americas against Militarization.
They are gathered to build a common
strategic agenda and to confront the growing militarization of the region. The Summit will close at a military base on the 23rd
with a vigil against militarization and against the presence of foreign
military forces in the territory.

CPT Colombia is calling on
supporters to:

  • Make a call:

In the US – Call Secretary Clinton at 202-647-9572
to express support for the Women’s Summit Against Militarization happening
in Barrancabermeja and your opposition to U.S. bases in Colombia.

In Canada – call the Colombian Embassy to express support for the Women’s
Summit Against Militarization happening in Barrancabermeja and your opposition to U.S. bases in Colombia. Ambassador Jaime Girón Duarte Phone:
613-230-3760 Ext *222

  • Pray publicly on Sunday the 22nd for an end to
    the militarization/US bases in Colombia and for a successful nonviolent day of vigil
    and prayer on the 23rd in Colombia.
  • Organize a public action on the 23rd (at
    government offices of U.S. or Colombia) in solidarity with the thousands
    of women and men gathering the military base that day and calling for the
    U.S. government to cut all military aid and remove all U.S. forces from

The militarization of
territories in the Americas has led to the loss of people’s
sovereignty, autonomy, and self-determination, and has become a threat to the
continent. Its promoters seek to use military intervention as an instrument of
political, economical, and social control. Historically, military bases have
been used to invade strategic geopolitical locations that are rich in natural
resources.  Many times, these locations
are found in indigenous, afro-descendant and campesino territories.

Given the Colombian government’s
history of granting impunity to soldiers and paramilitaries, its threats and
spying against human rights and other NGOs in Colombia, and the continuing use
of violence to support the interests of multinational corporations, CPT
Colombia believes military aid will only add to the suffering here.


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