COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: U.S. constituency–tell Secretary Clinton to withhold military funding for Colombia


4 September 2010
COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION:  U.S. constituency–tell Secretary Clinton to withhold military
funding for Colombia

Each year, the United States Secretary of State must certify
that Colombia is meeting the human rights conditions required for the
disbursement of U.S. military aid.

Since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last issued the
certification in September 2009, Colombian security forces continue to commit
human rights violations, in some cases with illegal paramilitary collaboration,
a clear breach in the conditions of U.S. military aid to Colombia. 
Another breach is the failure to investigate and prosecute members of the armed
forces responsible for extrajudicial executions, or “false positives.” 
These examples demonstrate that Colombia has not met the requirements or has
taken a significant step backwards.

Soon Secretary Clinton will decide whether to certify
Colombia’s human rights record for 2010.  CPT Colombia urges United States
supporters to contact Secretary of State Clinton in the coming days to withhold
certification until Colombia demonstrates marked and sustained results in
advancing human rights cases and combating rampant impunity

Please click on the following link from our partner
organization, Witness for Peace, to read about this campaign and to access the
directions for contacting Secretary Clinton:

By withholding certification of Colombia’s human rights
record, the United States would help support the rule of law in Colombia and
send a firm message that the U.S. government expects the new Colombian
administration to distinguish itself from its predecessor by upholding human


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