CPT INTERNATIONAL: Send applications for winter training before 15 October 2010


September 2010
INTERNATIONAL: Send applications for winter training before 15 October 2010


you participate in a recent Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) delegation that
whetted your appetite for embodied peace work, partnering with others working nonviolently
for justice, and confronting the injustice that leads to war?  Does CPT’s style of peacemaking, confronting
injustice, undoing oppressions work fit with yours? Is now the time to take the
next step and join the Peacemaker Corps?

so, please send your application to join the CPT Corps before 15 October 2010 for
participation in CPT’s Winter Peacemaker Training in Chicago, 4 January- 4 February
2011.  Participants are encouraged
to apply immediately so the interview process can begin immediately.  Doing so will make it possible to notify
those accepted for training in plenty of time to make travel arrangements, and
buy that parka!  You will find the
application at https://www.cpt.org/participate/peacemaker/apply

are committed to anti-oppression work both in and out of CPT, and we seek
others also interested in this work. 
We are seeking applicants available for stipend-eligible service, as well
as reservists.  For more answers to
more specific questions, call either CPT office in Toronto and Chicago, or
email the personnel coordinator, personnel@cpt.org.

Office +1-773-376-0550

Office +1-416-423-5525



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