December 5, 2010 – Second Sunday of Advent: Candle of Preparation


1 December 2010
JUSTICE: December 5, 2010.  Second Sunday
of Advent.  Candle of Preparation


[Note: the CPTnet editor apologizes for not putting
out the Aboriginal Justice team’s releases in time for the first Sunday in

Greetings from the Aboriginal Justice Team!

We have put together some resources which you can use
in advent celebrations this winter. Many churches mark the weeks before
Christmas with a series of advent candles. We have provided readings to go
alongside the lighting of these candles, as well as bulletin inserts that
explain some of the background, and an action that U.S. and Canada
congregations can undertake.

We encourage you to find a place in your services for
these resources, and to use the Christmas season to remind the people that
Jesus did not come to address only the injustices of 2000 years ago, but also
the principalities and powers that we struggle against today.

May you be blessed this Christmas season.

December 5,
2010 – Second Sunday of Advent: Candle of Preparation

God of light,
who came into a world of darkness and who has never left it, we invite you to
be present in the lighting of this candle.

This candle,
known as the Candle of Preparation or The Way remembers the necessity of
repentance for a right relationship with God and our neighbour.

(Read more, including actions to take and bulletin

The full text of the UN Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples can be accessed here.


– Take Action:

– Take Action:

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