CPT INTERNATIONAL: What would the world look like if CPT succeeded beyond our wildest dreams? (No prose allowed)


13 December 2010
CPT INTERNATIONAL: What would the world look like if
CPT succeeded beyond our wildest dreams?  (No prose allowed)

 Over the last few months, CPTers have been
thinking together about the story of our work as part of Mission and
Presentation Re-visioning Process (MAPR).  We would like to invite you to
join us in that pondering this advent season.  We recognize that CPT’s way
of working has developed and matured over the last twenty-five years and in
thinking about revising our mission, we realized that we need to first be able
to describe the kind of world that we and are our partners are working to
create.  We need a vision statement and we need your help to write one.

Over the next two months, we invite you to dream, think, pray and imagine an
answer to this question: Were CPT to succeed fully as a movement, as a
community, and as an organization, what would the world look like?

But there’s one catch…for this step in the process, we’d prefer not to
have non-fiction pieces.  In other words, we want you to be
creative.  We welcome your poetry, songs, stories, paintings, pen and ink
drawings, sketches, dramas, skits, diagrams, sculptures, engravings,
photographs, monologues, architectural plans, games, dance, pottery, woodcarvings,
woodcuts, jewelry, flower arrangements, films, documentaries, cartoons,
collages, decoupage, stand-up comedy routines, icons or prayers.

Please take the time and
space to go deeper with this vision.  We are not looking for truisms or
clichés such as “world peace.”  Your responses will be used in
shaping a Working Vision Statement for CPT that we hope to share with you in
April.  We also hope to compile your submissions and share them with you
all in some form in the spring.

You can send your submission
by mail to one of our offices* or by email to timn@cpt.org.  Please respond by 15 February at the latest. 
Responses before that date preferred.


MAPR Facilitation group

P.S. If you really can’t imagine doing anything
besides writing a few paragraphs of non-fiction text, then sending that
is preferable to not sending anything at all.  We want as many
people as possible to participate.

*USA OFFICE: Box 6508 · Chicago, IL 60680-6508 · Tel:
773-376-0550 · Fax: 773-376-0549 · E-mail: peacemakers@cpt.org

CANADA OFFICE: 25 Cecil St, Unit 307 · Toronto ON M5T
1N1 · Tel. 416-423-5525 · Fax.  416-423-7140
· E-mail: canada@cpt.org


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