IRAQ: “The Clarification from the Ad-Hoc Committee of Azadi Square”


14 March 2011

IRAQ: “The Clarification from the Ad-Hoc Committee of
Azadi Square”

The Ad-Hoc Committee of
Azadi Square calls for the attention of all media, inside and outside the
country, and all local and international NGO’s. Today, 12 March 2011, we
received information that Kurdish government forces are trying to arrest
organizers of the demonstrations in Sulaymaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan. At the same
time, we also received information from a reliable source inside Kurdish
political authority, that they are trying to kill Dr. Farouq Rafiq, one of the
protest organizers.

The responsibility for the
security of all protesters and organizers in the demonstrations lies with the
Kurdish Regional Government and the two ruling parties. We are informing the
international public about these threats and we repeat that demonstrations are
a basic right for all people. We will continue until our demands are met.

The Ad-Hoc Committee of
Azadi Square

12 March 2011


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