CPT INTERNATIONAL: Projects face cutting as donations lag


14 June 2011
INTERNATIONAL: Projects face cutting as donations lag

Wars continue to boil.  Occupations char the land.  Nonviolent
uprisings sizzle with hope. CPTers stand side by side with peacemakers in those
hot places.

During the first six months of this fiscal year, donations to CPT from individuals
were down 20% from last year.  We
have managed to keep our already trim expenses lower.  But, overall, CPT is now US $67,000
behind our budget projection for this point in the year.  If donations do not increase in the
coming months, important project work will need to be cut.  CPT’s operations are already very lean.  The on-site and travel budget for the Iraq
or Colombia projects is roughly 67,000 for the year.  That amount also roughly covers the expenses of four
full-time CPTers for a year.  Can you
help heat up the donations during these warm months?

Doug Pritchard and Carol Rose

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