U.S./CANADA: The CPT Boutique awaits your tax-deductible valuables!



30 June 2011
 U.S./CANADA: The CPT Boutique awaits your tax-deductible

An antique sapphire and diamond pin brought in $150.  Brass pineapple candleholders brought in $18.  A child’s Ethiopian dress brought in
$40.  A 1927 edition of Winnie the
Pooh brought in $35.  A Paragon
bone china cup and saucer from the 1940s brought in $20.  Some 1854 stamps from India brought in

All of these
items were donated by CPT supporters over the last year to the CPT Boutique—one
less material thing in their lives meant a little more money to support CPT’s
work in the Middle East and the Americas.

CPT will accept any legal, valuable item that mails easily.  Some examples of things that sell well

  • Old issues of defunct magazines
  • Coins and stamps
  • Designer clothes and handbags
  • Precious jewelry
  • Vintage (pre-1980) clothing
  • Vintage china (pre-1970)
  • Vintage toys
  • Figurines with high-profile names like Steuben
  • Computer accessories
  • Electronics like cell phones that work
    perfectly, but got left in a drawer
    when you upgraded
  • Small antiques of any sort.

Pack them up and mail them to:
CPT Boutique
155 Chadwick Dr.
Rochester, NY 14618
Canadian donors can send their donations to:
25 Cecil Street
Unit 307
Toronto, ON M5T 1N1

Because the store proprietor lists items on a very part-time basis, items may
take weeks to appear in the Boutique.
Please tell us what you think your item is worth (one way of checking is
looking up similar items on www.ebay.com.)  Items generally sell
better if there is a story attached, for example…
“I wore this dress to my high school prom in 1968. My boyfriend, when he saw
it, said I looked like a wedding cake (intended as a criticism).  Dumped
him, kept the dress.”
“ A friend gave me this
Pre-Columbian pot when I visited her in Oaxaca.  It lasted for 1200 years
in Mexico, but broke as soon as I got it back to Rochester, NY.  I glued
it back together.”
“ This butter dish is the last
thing leftover from my great-grandmother’s china set.  Probably because no one in my family likes butter.”
“ These are my son’s Boys Life
magazines from the 1970s.  He has
three girls now.  It’s time to let them go.”

Ebay buyers often have questions about certain items.  It would be helpful
if you gave your e-mail address, if they have questions that we can’t answer
(e.g., how old it is, where it was purchased.)  Please also indicate
whether you would like a receipt for your donation.  If you have
questions, contact CPTausten@yahoo.com.

Interested in adding material things to your life and
supporting the work of CPT?  Check
out the CPT Boutique in the Ebay Store Kathy’s Hideous Little Ego.

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