COLOMBIA POEM: Traveling with Macias, or Listening to the Leaders


16 March 2012
COLOMBIA POEM: Traveling with Macias, or Listening to the Leaders


(Corporation for Humanitarian Action and Peaceful Coexistence in Northeast
Antioquia) is a peasant organization started in 2004 after small farming and
mining communities faced years of repression from Colombian Armed Forces and paramilitaries.
 They host trainings in rural
communities to educate people on defending their basic human rights and the
struggle for a more dignified life. 
Mr. Macias is a leader in this organization.





Mr. Macias is a partner,

A farmer, a fighter, and a troubadour

A native of Northeast Antioquia

Where land is changing hands.


He relates many stories of the region where little changes
in the situation,

Violence continues, with stigmatization, intimidation,

Harassment, threats, displacement and death,

Only the strategy changes, scarce and slow is any


Oh and there is a lot of wealth, gold, oil, wood resources
to exploit

But the peasants and small-scale miners—the government does
not let them work,

They want them out, charging them with subversion

that they do not meet standards and that their mining is
illegal is the “official” version.     


Oh, how they make strange things up to justify

Development programs from the courts up high

They forget that this beautiful people has been there for

A place that has seen their birth, growth, laughter, and


And they want to justify foreign investment by removing
their roof and bread

Knowing that they will loot everything and leave
environmental degradation.

Despite the fears, not everyone stays quiet,

They stand in unarmed resistance, seeking peace.


To stay on their land and continue their life goals

CAHUCOPANA provides, promotes and invites,

National and international entities

to defend the human rights of these brave communities.


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