5 September 2012

CPT Iraqi Kurdistan has learned of the August 2011
arrest and imprisonment of Karzan Karim Muhammad, husband and father, and
seasoned journalist more recently employed by the Asaish, the national security
force of the Kurdistan Regional Government. While assigned duty at the Erbil International Airport, Karzan observed and reported corrupt practices of
three individuals. He is being charged with endangering national security and
disrespecting the internal Asaish chain of command structure.

In spite of governmental encouragement for all
citizens to report corrupt practices whenever they observe them, CPT believes
Karzan is being punished and perhaps tortured because of his decision to expose
what he believes to be mismanagement of resources intended to serve the Iraqi
Kurdistan community. His third court date is set for September 12,

CPT urges you to copy the note below and send it
immediately to each of the two addresses below. Speaking publicly about
suspicious behaviors of persons in authority in this region leaves one vulnerable to abuse, assault and even death. Please support Karzan by
commending his courage and commitment to value the public welfare more than his
own safety.

Please send the note below using facebook or email to:

Prime Minister, KRG, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani (facebook)


I am concerned about the detention of
Karzan Karim Muhammad. I fear he is being punished because of his reports of
corrupt practices of authorities working at the
Erbil International Airport.

Mr. Muhammad’s choice to serve the
greater good of the community by identifying mismanagement of resources is a
thing to be commended, not to be repressed. The judgment of his case will
reveal whether the
Kurdistan Regional Government is promoting a democratic nation or a military state.

The democratic future of Iraqi Kurdistan depends on individuals like Karzan, and
on your praise of his actions.



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