COLOMBIA: Just in time


14 November 2012
COLOMBIA: Just in time

  Claudia Maria Mayorga, Carlos Morales and family

Christian Peacemaker Teams and its Colombia project give thanks to the God of life for the 1 November release, after eight months of imprisonment, of Claudia Maria Mayorga. This mother, grandmother, friend and peace builder was found innocent of sedition (rebellion) charges filed earlier this year for allegedly conspiring against the Colombian state. Her friends and family never lost hope, partly because she always had the help of lawyers but above all because of the resilience of her family.

Her arrest is an example of the many injustices perpetrated on a daily basis by the state against Colombian human rights workers, often with no public visibility. CPT accompanies Mayorga’s son, Carlos Morales, an educator and organizer for The Corporation for Humanitarian Action, Coexistence and Peace in Northeast Antioquia (CAHUCOPANA). CAHUCOPANA and other organizations have maintained the position that the detention of Mayorga and other leaders is part of a repressive strategy of the Colombian state against community processes and human rights organizations that denounce continuing violations of the state.

“We want to honor the good name of this woman who has dedicated her life to peace through concrete action in a land where violence was sown,” said the Colombia team in a 14 November communique. “Just in time justice has come for Claudia so she can be with the people she loves and those who love her. She is committed to building a country that for this season of Christmas and joy, only demands justice, peace and love. To all of you who prayed, Thank you. Just in time!”


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