Service Roster


A listing of CPTers and where they served.

Aboriginal Justice
CPTers serving on the Aboriginal Justice team July-September 2013 were: Stephanie Epp (Saskatchewan, Canada), Jill Foster (Quebec, Canada), Peter Haresnape (England), Kathy Moorhead Thiessen (Manitoba, Canada), Carrie Peters (Pennsylvania, USA), Chris Sabas (Iranian national & naturalized U.S. citizen living in New York, USA); from Ontario, Canada: Art Arbour, Robin Buyers, Bob Holmes, Esther Kern, Jim Loney, Murray Lumley, John Vallely and Stewart Vriesinga. Delegates: Brenna Cussen (Iowa, USA), Aart Hoogearspel (Zwolle, Netherlands), Karin Janze (Zwolle, Netherlands), Samuel Loplinka-Loehr (New York, USA), Michael Polera, (Indiana, USA), Lawrence Umar (Calabar, Nigeria), Terra Winston (Illinois, USA); Delegates from Ontario, Canada: Colin Justin Grimmond, Carolyn Gray, Barbara Liotsco, and Kathy Thiessen.

Iraqi Kurdistan
CPTers serving on the Iraqi Kurdistan team July-September 2013 were: Lukasz Firla, (Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic), Rosemarie Milazzo (New York, USA), Annika Spalde (Mjölby, Sweden) and Sandra Stevens (Indiana, USA). Employee: Mohammed Salah Mahdi (Iraqi Kurdistan). Delegates 14-28 September: Keith Goodman (Alberta, Canada), Esther Kern (Ontario, Canada), Marianne Kronberg (Sweden), Norman Mundheak (Ohio, USA), Kathleen O’Malley (New Mexico, USA), Bob Palmer (Illinois, USA) and Judy Tsao (Ontario, Canada).

Fifteen CPTers from Australia, Brazil, England, Netherlands, Palestine, Philippines, Sweden, USA and Wales served the Palestine team April-June 2013.  Nine delegation members came from Canada and the USA.  Names withheld due to the State of Israel’s policy of denying entry to many peacemakers.

CPTers serving on the Colombia team July-September 2013 were: Lukasz Firla (Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic), Tracy Hughes (Illinois, USA), Alix Lozano (Colombia), Caldwell Manners (Meghalaya, India), Kate Paarlberg (New York, USA), Hannah Redekop (Ontario, Canada), Sandra Milena Rincon (Colombia Project Support Coordinator, Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia) and Sarah Sommers (Ohio, USA).

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