IRAQI KURDISTAN: Headway, resistance in advancing women’s rights


17 April 2013
IRAQI KURDISTAN: Headway, resistance in advancing
women’s rights

CPT Iraqi Kurdistan has published a new a
report summarizing views of fellow activists in the field of women’s rights in
Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdish Activists’ Observations of Women’s Rights in Iraqi
Kurdistan between March 2012 and March 2013 and their hopes for the future
traces positive developments and areas where change is needed to secure
the safety and equality of women in Iraqi Kurdistan.

women’s rights activism is growing and gaining public recognition in Iraqi
Kurdistan, problems such as discrimination in the medical and legal systems,
honor killings and female genital mutilation remain. Some issues, including
domestic violence and court bias, have been addressed by legislation, but not
acted on. Women’s oppression results in, among other things, suicides or
attempted suicide by about 300 women each year.

CPT Iraqi Kurdistan invites everyone to read
the report, and specifically asks those in positions of authority in the region
to act on its information and work for an equal and fair society for all

The report can be found here.


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